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The Fred Roche Foundation (FRF) sets out to keep the MK spirit of creative exploration, innovation and strength of vision alive, and to celebrate the life and acheivements of Fred Roche who played such a seminal role in the creation of the City.

Our aim is to stimulate creative discussion and debate around subjects that are critical to the character and vitality of Milton Keynes and to foster respect for the great urban development and achievement the New City represents.

Neath Hill Local Centre, MK

The Aims of the Foundation

The Trustees have identified seven aims:

  • To campaign for the future direction of the City in pursuit of the six original guiding principles:
    • Opportunity & freedom of choice;
    • Easy movement & access, and good communications;
    • Balance & variety;
    • An attractive City;
    • Public awareness & participation;
    • Efficient & imaginative use of resources.

  • To stimulate and inform discussion and investigation based on these principles;

  • To promote Milton Keynes as a successful urban model;

  • To make the Fred Roche Gardens a fitting venue to inspire current and future generations;

  • To encourage young and old to participate in the evolution in their own City;

  • To make representation in support of these aims and objectives;

  • To collaborate with other bodies, organisations and citizens who have similar aims to those of the Fred Roche Foundation.

'Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood and probably will not themselves be realised'.

Daniel Hudson Burnham

Downhead Park, MK


From 18th August 2017 onwards

Venue: The Centre:MK

Milton Keynes: A Living Landscape - Exhibition Extension

A selection of boards from our successful summer exhibition Milton Keynes: A Living Landscape are going on display in the Centre:MK. The Boards are being displayed in Silbury Arcade on the hoardings to the old BHS unit.

If you missed the exhibition the first time around or would like to see the images again then come along and take a look.

On the 17th April 2018 we held an event to launch a book in memory of the exhibition

If you would like a copy of the book, please come along to one of our future events, or contact us here


The 'Future City' Talks

Based on the success of the Annual Memorial Lecture in 2014 the Foundation ran a series of seven talks on the ‘Future City’ in collaboration with MK Gallery.

The talks proved highly successful and were recorded in a ‘Future City’ publication with a foreword by the Vice Chancellor of the Open University.

To support our aims the Foundation will be developing programmes of further public lectures, publications, exhibitions and discussion papers.

The Fred Roche Endowment Fund

An endowment fund has been established with the Milton Keynes Community Foundation to enhance the Gardens to fulfil the needs of the wider community. An annual bursary has been established to a horticultural student to help them gain the skills and self-confidence they need for life and employment.

Fred Roche Gardens

Fred Roche Gardens lie in the heart of the city centre, behind Christ the Cornerstone church and The Guildhall, and overlooked by offices on Silbury and Midsummer Boulevards. They provide a tranquil haven in the busy commercial district of Central Milton Keynes. The gardens include lawns, borders, formal features, and quiet seating areas, all laid out on a number of different levels by the original designers of Central Milton Keynes. A remnant of a lane predating Milton Keynes is preserved in one corner, and a number of sculptures by Bernard Schottlander are given an attractive setting.

Previously known as City Gardens, the gardens were officially re-named in honour of Fred Roche by the Mayor of Milton Keynes, Councillor Catriona Morris, at a private ceremony attended by members of his family and the Fred Roche Foundation on 9 November 2012, 20 years to the day after his death.


Fred Roche

'He believed in the power - or rather the duty - of architecture to improve society. If Milton Keynes is one person's creation, it was Fred Roche's.'

Stephen Bayley (The Guardian)

In 1970 Fred Roche was appointed as the first General Manager of Milton Keynes Development Corporation, working with the chairman, Jock Campbell. His perception, imagination, leadership and foresight helped deliver a radical master plan based on the unique grid concept as conceived by the lead consultants, Llewelyn-Davies Weeks Forestier-Walker & Bor, that provided a trellis upon which the New City could grow into the extraordinary place it is today.

His vision for Milton Keynes developed from his fascination with the Garden City Movement. He guided the development of the city into a richly landscaped place, integrating the surrounding countryside, with a network of parks, which provided a beautiful, healthy environment for its new population.

Fred believed in creating opportunities for young people and supported the sometimes maverick ideas of young professionals. His particular skill at carving a way through complexity is part of his legacy. Above all he fostered an atmosphere of creative energy and belief in the opportunity to make Milton Keynes a better place for the future of its new residents.

Friends of Fred Roche Foundation

Fred Roche Foundation is a charitable organisation looking for a diverse range of people to help tackle future challenges. It has set up the 'Friends of Fred Roche Foundation' membership scheme in order to help fund the aims of the Foundation.

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